Optometry's Meeting CE Monitors

CE Door Monitors are responsible for scanning badges upon entry.

Registration badges: Everyone entering a lecture MUST have a name badge.
Partial Credit: Attendees cannot receive partial credit for a course.

Auditing of Courses: Courses may be audited. Please refer to the information provided at the on site orientation.

Leaving Courses: If a course attendee leaves the room before the completion of the course, for any reason, the monitor should record time. If the attendee returns within ten minutes, re-admit. All Continuing Education courses must be attended for the duration of each course in order for credit to be awarded. Credit will not be awarded for absences extending beyond ten minutes for a one hour course or twenty minutes for a two hour course

Course Closed to CE Signs: Please place the “Course Closed to CE” sign on the door poster easel once it is 10 min after the scheduled start time of the lecture (1 hour course) or 20 min after the scheduled start time (2 hour course).

Time Remaining Warning Signs: This will be handled by the Room Monitors. If no room monitor is available, then the Door Monitor will be responsible to handle this. Inform the course instructors of their ten minute and five minute warnings by holding up the respective sign in the rear of the room. Each course is expected to begin on time and end at ten minutes before the next scheduled course. In general, the ten-minute warning will be held up at 40 minutes after the hour and the five-minute warning at 45 minutes after the hour. All on-hour lectures begin on the hour and end promptly at ten minutes to the hour. The above mentioned warning signs are very important in keeping a lecturer on schedule. If a course begins late and has another lecture immediately following, then the late course must still end on time.

Clearing the Room: Ensure that each lecture room is completely clear of all attendees at the conclusion of each course before permitting reentry of the next class- unless otherwise instructed. The room monitors will assist with clearing the room. Kindly ask people to leave.

Handouts: Handouts may be available at a CE Handout Station near the registration desk. Please direct all course attendees here to print out their own handouts. They will only have access to the courses that they are registered for.

Listening to the Course While Working: You are welcome to sit in on the CE lectures. However, you need to first complete your duties as a monitor. One person needs to be present outside the room at the table at all times. You can take turns or work it out among your fellow monitors, but make sure someone is always present at the table. Lab Monitors are welcome to participate in the lab, if the instructor agrees, after all attendees have been checked in. The same rule applies for breakfast and lunch breaks while CE is in session, someone should always be monitoring the table. Be fair and take turns.

Questions or Problems: Refer all attendees with questions or problems to any visible AOA staff or to CE office. Offer to call for a staff member on the walkie talkie if no staff is already close by.

Keep things neat and tidy: Please make every effort to keep your table and work space clean and tidy. Remove trash and straighten signs and handouts as needed. Please keep food to a minimum at the tables. Drinks are okay if they are kept out of sight. Ask a CE Committee member if you have any questions.