Welcome to St. Louis

Hello everyone! AOA decided on St. Louis, MO as the city this year, so for those who have never been there, welcome! Drs. Brooks and Smarker both went to UMSL College of Optometry, so we are definitely happy to have the meeting there!

We have a couple exciting changes this year!! We want to first introduce (or re-introduce if you’ve worked for us before) a familiar face, Dr. Jacqueline Hallauer! She is going to be our FULL-TIME sign in/ sign out chairwoman! This is super exciting as that is the most difficult role to train for, and she worked as a student in that position! Dr. Hallauer graduated from MCPHS School of Optometry(woohoo!) and is currently a staff doctor at the Hershel “Woody” Williams VAMC in Huntington, WV! When she isn’t working or traveling home (Michigan) to see her mom, she is playing with her adorable pup, Dakota the husky and Gibbs the cat! We are very excited to have her as an addition (again)!! Our second exciting announcement is that pay for our CE monitors has increased to $19 this year!!

Applications for CE monitors will become available soon! When filling them out, PLEASE pay close attention to when shifts are offered/ orientations and when your flight comes in!! Please only apply for shifts early Wednesday if you can make it to orientation prior to that! Our first orientation will be Tuesday at 3pm! I will update the blog when we work in the rest of the orientation times/dates! If you plan on running the 5k, please DO NOT also offer to work a shift during that time, unless you have figured out how to be cloned. ;)

Interested? Get started with the information below:

The Rules

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Questions? Feel free to email us!

Again, welcome back! We are very excited to see you this year and hope to get many applications!!

  • Drs. Brooks, Smarker, and Hallauer