Deadline May 5th 2018

Hello all!

Just a quick reminder that applications for CE monitors are due THIS Friday, May 5th!! If you or any of your fellow classmates want to earn some extra cash while attending Optometry’s Meeting, fill it out!

Remember, if you are working you MUST attend a training session BEFORE your first shift! So if you put that you can work the first day, please make sure travel arrangements are in order to attend the session Wednesday morning!

ALSO, if you are doing the OptometryCares run on Saturday morning, do not sign up for a shift during that time!!! We often have many students back out on Saturday morning because of this reason. So if you know (which you do when you sign up for OM as you pay extra for the run) that you are running this, please help up out and do not volunteer to work during the run, unless you know how to clone yourself ;)

Checklist for OM:

  • Nice pants (not jeans or leggings), either black or tan
  • Tank top if you want something under your monitor shirt (these will be given out there)
  • Jacket as it is often cold in the conference buildings
  • Water or something to keep you hydrated
  • Snacks (not like, pizza or anything, lol)
  • Homework, books, research, etc. as you will have to sit outside the classrooms as the lectures are going on and will likely want something to keep you occupied
  • Phone charger

We will see you soon! Remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us!

Dr. Brooks and Dr. Smarker