Hello Monitors

Hello all! First off- congrats on becoming student monitors 🎊! Thank you to all of you have confirmed your shifts and signed the contract 📝 ! Keep them coming! A few things to keep in mind before you head to STL 🌆 next month…!

You MUST attend a training session PRIOR to your FIRST shift! This means, if you work Wednesday morning, then you MUST attend training Tuesday! So plan in advance!!!!! The training sessions are as follows:

⏰ Tuesday 3:00-4:00pm

⏰ Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm

⏰ Thursday 9:30-10:30am

⏰ Thursday 2-3pm

⏰ Friday 10:30-11:30am

⏰ Friday 2-3pm

Please be ON TIME ⏰ !!!!!!!!! You will pick up your CE monitor shirt 👕 at the training session that you must wear during ALL shifts. Yes, you only get ONE shirt, so ladies, I recommend wearing a cami under it and gentlemen, idk, good luck! ☺️ just don’t get too sweaty and crazy? Also, with those shirts, be sure to bring something to wear on the bottom half… NO JEANS 👖 !!!!! Business casual attired. I do NOT recommend heels 👠 or uncomfortable shoes as the convention center is big, and there is a lot of walking!! Flats or whatever comfy shoes are perfect.

For those of you that have not done this before, you will have a lot of time to read 📖 or study 📚 or play on IG 🤳 . So bring stuff to do while you’re sitting outside the classes so you’re not bored! Bring some snacks 🥑and WATER 💦 ! Hydrate during the day so you can enjoy the student events 🍺🍻🥃🍹🍸🍷 in the evenings and STILL SHOW UP the next morning for work!!!! 😬

As always, if you need anything, feel free to email us 📧! We look forward to seeing y’all soon!

-Dr. Smarker

Welcome to St. Louis

Hello everyone! AOA decided on St. Louis, MO as the city this year, so for those who have never been there, welcome! Drs. Brooks and Smarker both went to UMSL College of Optometry, so we are definitely happy to have the meeting there!

We have a couple exciting changes this year!! We want to first introduce (or re-introduce if you’ve worked for us before) a familiar face, Dr. Jacqueline Hallauer! She is going to be our FULL-TIME sign in/ sign out chairwoman! This is super exciting as that is the most difficult role to train for, and she worked as a student in that position! Dr. Hallauer graduated from MCPHS School of Optometry(woohoo!) and is currently a staff doctor at the Hershel “Woody” Williams VAMC in Huntington, WV! When she isn’t working or traveling home (Michigan) to see her mom, she is playing with her adorable pup, Dakota the husky and Gibbs the cat! We are very excited to have her as an addition (again)!! Our second exciting announcement is that pay for our CE monitors has increased to $19 this year!!

Applications for CE monitors will become available soon! When filling them out, PLEASE pay close attention to when shifts are offered/ orientations and when your flight comes in!! Please only apply for shifts early Wednesday if you can make it to orientation prior to that! Our first orientation will be Tuesday at 3pm! I will update the blog when we work in the rest of the orientation times/dates! If you plan on running the 5k, please DO NOT also offer to work a shift during that time, unless you have figured out how to be cloned. ;)

Interested? Get started with the information below:

The Rules

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Questions? Feel free to email us!

Again, welcome back! We are very excited to see you this year and hope to get many applications!!

  • Drs. Brooks, Smarker, and Hallauer

Deadline May 5th 2018

Hello all!

Just a quick reminder that applications for CE monitors are due THIS Friday, May 5th!! If you or any of your fellow classmates want to earn some extra cash while attending Optometry’s Meeting, fill it out!

Remember, if you are working you MUST attend a training session BEFORE your first shift! So if you put that you can work the first day, please make sure travel arrangements are in order to attend the session Wednesday morning!

ALSO, if you are doing the OptometryCares run on Saturday morning, do not sign up for a shift during that time!!! We often have many students back out on Saturday morning because of this reason. So if you know (which you do when you sign up for OM as you pay extra for the run) that you are running this, please help up out and do not volunteer to work during the run, unless you know how to clone yourself ;)

Checklist for OM:

  • Nice pants (not jeans or leggings), either black or tan
  • Tank top if you want something under your monitor shirt (these will be given out there)
  • Jacket as it is often cold in the conference buildings
  • Water or something to keep you hydrated
  • Snacks (not like, pizza or anything, lol)
  • Homework, books, research, etc. as you will have to sit outside the classrooms as the lectures are going on and will likely want something to keep you occupied
  • Phone charger

We will see you soon! Remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us!

Dr. Brooks and Dr. Smarker

Almost There

Hey all!
It’s getting close to applications for CE monitors to be turned in! Please keep in mind that in order to work for us at OM meeting in June, you HAVE to complete a training course! New AND returning monitors need to attend one, so plan flights accordingly! We will NOT do mini training sessions if you don’t attend a training course. We will pass the shift on to someone who has attended one. So please, don’t sign up for shifts if your flight does not allow you to attend a training prior to your first shift!!

The FIRST training will be Wednesday from 9:30am-10:30am
There will be another Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning

That should give you plenty time to figure out which one you can attend prior to your first shift!

See you there!

Drs. Brooks and Smarker

That Time Again

It’s that time of year again! Dr. Brooks and Dr. Smarker are now accepting applications for current students attending an optometry school to apply to be a CE monitor at Optometry’s Meeting in Denver!!! We are excited for this summer’s meeting in a beautiful place and hope you all are, too! There is one change this year that allows us to have even more help! We can now pay Canadian students (these students WILL pay taxes on their check)!!! So, if you’re from Canada, feel free to apply as well!!!

The schedule of shifts available will be posted by the end of the week, so be on the lookout for that! Applications will be accepted until April 27, 2018! That will hopefully be enough time to figure out 3rd and 4th year clinics and hopefully come join us in Denver!

Interested? Get started with the information below.

The Rules

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Questions? Feel free to email us!

You can also get ahold of us in the comments section.

See you soon!
Drs. Brooks and Smarker


Hey all! Next month is the big one! Selections for CE monitors will be chosen as soon as tomorrow! Those who are selected will receive an email letting you know! Make sure to check your clutter/spam folder if you don’t see it and believe you should have! I hope y’all are getting excited, I know Dr. Brooks and I are ready to work with everyone!! Enjoy your last few weeks of school and good luck on finals!!! Let us know if there are any questions!


Hello From Jourdyn

Hello all! My name is Jourdyn Smarker and I am Dr. Erin Brooks’s right hand gal during OM this year in Washington D.C.! I am currently at 4th year student at UMSL, graduating this May (!) and many of you applying may remember me as the “sign in girl” the last three years at OM! I will be the one posting a lot of the blog updates and sending out the “reminder” emails throughout the next few months, so you’ll be hearing from me a lot! I am excited to meet and re-meet you all this June!

So, things have changed since last year… in a good way! Our CE monitors are valued a lot and we have been given the opportunity to offer more hours this year! Instead of only scanning into the CE courses, our monitors will be scanning into the exhibit hall!! This opens up hours for those who are always begging for more and we have to turn down!

A few reminders to keep in mind:
You are representing not only your school, but optometry as a profession, please remember to dress appropriately - no jeans, no cut offs, OM CE polo, comfortable shoes and a jacket if you tend to be cold.
We know you need to eat and stay hydrated, but please keep the food to a minimum and drinks hidden
Please do not show up late to your shifts! This is IMPORTANT!!! If you are late - your shift will likely be given away! We need everyone to SHOW UP (yes, even the morning after the student bowl… so please pick shifts responsibly).
Those working during the student courses WILL get their drink tickets, so don’t fret!!! We got you!
If you plan on running the 5k… PLEASE let us know and don’t sign up for that shift!!!
HAVE FUN!!!!!!
Dr. Brooks and I are excited for this year and the changes that were made! We look forward to working with you all!!!

– Jourdyn


Student monitors have a rich history with the American Optometric Association.

A few years ago, student monitors lost the privilege of being the main workers at Optometry’s Meeting, but they quickly earned it back. Starting in 2017, student monitors will have even more responsibility than ever before. We are excited by this change and invite you to join the growing ranks of past and present students who have joined us at Optometry’s Meeting. We only ask that you respect and follow the rules, show up ON TIME for training and shifts, and be willing to help out fellow students and future colleagues.

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Questions? Feel free to email us!

You can also get ahold of us in the comments section.